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Leaving the home

The journey started 10th of October 2018. from my hometown of Split to Zagreb, I took a plane, as 5 hours with a bus, before a trip to another continent, is not worth of saving a single cent.

You know how it works last day before you are leaving your home, it is hectic, so many things to prepare, check one more time, doing last home-works with my kids, preparing them for school, preparing abstract for a conference, finishing things in my office, last meetings and promises I’ll be available on my e.mail for communication, communication with World Chicago members Angela and Peggy on our arrival and duties, as well with other fellows, checking the weather-cast and preparing adequate clothes, all these small tiny thing that you can’t delay anymore. It didn’t stopped me for my last swimming in the sea for this summer and capturing scents and shades of my beautiful blue Mediterranean home. Fortunately, as in hectic moments you need a short break to focus and brainstorm all the things that has to be done.


In our pre-orientation meeting in Skopje, Macedonia, we’ve got instructions on which kind of clothes we should bring and this was an important part of my preparation as the staff I had to put should not exceed allowed baggage weight. With time of experience you learn how to pack yourself with minimum weight having maximum efficiency. I felt like I’m traveling as a professional when my the 6 dresses, long coat, winter jacket, sport jacket, fancy coat, 2 pairs of sport shoes, 2 pairs of boots, high-heels, 3 pairs of trousers, 5 t-shirts, 3 shirts, gloves, scarf, 4 head covers, some small clothes and very few cosmetics manage to cover my stay of 5 weeks in this wind city of Chicago.

One of very helpful things was that most of my clothes is made and designed by my dear friends Vesna and Senija, fashion designers from @Karaka design. Their clothes is so firmly designed to fit the needs of modern business woman, conscious of leaving sustainable imprint on the environment she is living. The volume and the structure of each peace they create achieves the comfortable and visually pleasurable experience. Materials used are always natural, wool, cotton, silk, linen, often refined with hand-made imprints, representing the best ratio of cost-benefit price for me as a customer.

As leaving my precious at my home, my family, leaving them with thousand of hugs and kisses, instructions for my absence, promises on studding and doing all that has to be done, while mum is gone, I have headed to Zagreb, my second home-town in my country. As in many occasions before in my life, two people I can always count on were one of my best friends Gabrijela and Josip who offered me a sleepover before my early morning flight Zagreb – Brussels. I love you guys, thanks for being always there for me. I was so looking forward to the fact that, as if it can’t be my family, you and your gorgeous kids will be my last loving people I will hug before I leave for America.

On my way to the airport, 11th of October, 2018, for our flight Zagreb – Brussel – Chicago; I had a company of my World Chicago Fellow from Zagreb, Miro Hegedić, who is another candidate from Croatia, to be part of the World Chicago Professional Fellowship Program. Two of the participants from Bosnia and Herzegovina joined us at the airport of Zagreb, Maja Jovičić and Milana Tarlać. The adventure could start and it started as an adventure as Milana didn’t have J1 document to enter the US. Fortunately during the trip problem was solved, with good luck we all managed to arrive on time at  Chicago O’Hara airport and join other fellows from Macedonia, Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina with whom I will share this experience.

Our heading to the World Chicago office was amazing, looking at the contours of the skyscrapers of the city, I left stunned by the picture!

To be continued … 44178805_277761472853038_1042338015269093376_n

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