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Chicago arrival

After 9 hours flight from Brussels to Chicago, Angela welcomed us at the airport. Thank you for that, it is really nice to have someone you know to welcome you when you are arriving in a new country. While waiting for other fellows to arrive, we’ve got our health insurance cards, transportation cards, short plan for our arrival and kick-off meeting.


Meeting with other fellows from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia at O’Hara airport was warm and emotional as we had opportunity to meet and get to know each other at “Doing business in data driven society” conference, organised as well by World Chicago, in Skopje, Macedonia, in September 2018, a month before our arrival. It was also opportunity to meet other Alumni fellows from previous generation of Professional Fellows in both business and social events organised there.  I really like meeting new people and networking with fellows, who are part of this program, are for sure one of my favourite aspects of this program.

Finally gathering together, we headed to the World Chicago office where our homestay hosts were waiting for us. My hosts, will be Susan and Marc. Marc arrived to pick me, Anja and Samira, fellows from Slovenia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, and drove us to the   Evanston, out hometown for the coming month.

Before I have started my trip to Chicago, some of my friends, who already had experience in US, warned me I will be surprised how everything is big comparing to my home. It is even funny to compare the size of a continent to a size of a 56,594 km(21,851 sq mi) small Croatia, but still in the manner of many everyday things, even I was warned, it shocked me!


The buildings, the roads, streets, cars, houses, it is all bigger than at my home.


It caused me some dizzy feelings of just watching my new surroundings.


After a week here, I can assure you it wasn’t just my jet lag, causing me dizzy feeling, it was more mixture of feelings of accepting so many new things in a short period of time watching new contours of this beautiful town and its surroundings.


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