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Kick-off meeting

First thing in the morning – grab a coffee at the train station. For us, settled in Evanston, it takes Metra train to the OTC, and a short walk, to World Chicago office.


Friday morning, we’ve started with kick off meeting in World Chicago, receiving all the details about program, instructions, advices on what we should and shouldn’t do, getting to know with other fellows.


There are 15 of us from Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Slovenia and Macedonia, academics, entrepreneurs, free-lancers, consultants, CEOs, all of us having different professional backgrounds and goals for our visit, being placed in different homestay and professional hosts.

The first impressions I had, reading fellows’ short bibliographies, were strongly positive. I was thrilled to meet all these smart, talented people who have the same vision as I do, to work on ourselves, grow as professionals, so we can make our societies better places for living, while doing our jobs. I’ll introduce them personally in more details in future posts, as they all deserve to be shown more to the world.


As in every group, after a very short period of time, there comes the one person who spontaneously sets up itself as a group leader. Of course, we have our star as well: Maja Jovičić. I would recommend you to follow her blog as well. While I am writing my personal diary, to leave the trace on this experience, she is actually blogging, in a very dynamic and precise way, I am sure you will enjoy.

What’s the first thing we did as a team? We went to the mobile operator to buy new SIM cards for our phones! The staff was so thrilled seeing all of us, that we earned presents and happy smiles leaving them. Now that we have set up the most important way of connection to the world – internet, we could start our adventure.

First things first – food and getting familiar with the Chicago’s dizzy, busy views.


Not even rain stopped us!


What a biochemist, like me, sees in this photo?


DNA helix, of course!


You haven’t been in Chicago, if you don’t have a photo with the “Cloud” or so called – bean.


There is more jet to come …

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