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Northwestern – celebration of science and education

Ok guys, I’m done with my slow introduction, it’s been two weeks since I’m here and there is so many exciting things happening in both professional and personal context I wish to share with you.

The Northwestern campus is just amazing place! My host Marc gave me a tour before I’ve started with my work there, so I got familiar with streets and buildings I needed to be on Monday, 15th October, 2018: Patrick G. and Shirley W. Ryan Hall Center for Nanofabrication and Molecular Self-Assembly, which is part of International Institute for Nanotechnology (IIN).

My professional host in World Chicago Professional Fellowship Program will be Prof. Omar Farha PI of MOFia group and his science associate Dr. Timur Islamoglu.

Some brief facts about Northwestern University. It is home to a 12 schools and colleges and was founded in 1851.  The Northwester University is settled at three campuses: a 240-acre campus in Evanston, a 25-acre campus in Chicago and a third campus in Doha, Qatar. The one I will be hosted over World Chicago Professional Fellowship Program is in Evanston, on the shore of Lake Michigan, 12 miles (19,3 km for my Europeans) north of Chicago.


I was thrilled walking over campus for the first time and the excitement haven’t faded over these two weeks, trust me.

The wide green areas, beautiful parks, wide roads, cycling paths, gym, sandy beaches, enormous lake Michigan, amazing skyline of Chicago, lighthouses, churches, very old Deering library, Deaborn Observatory, Sheridan Building, Ryan Hall Center, Ford’s motor company design center, Kellogg school, Searle Center for advancing learning and teaching, Shakespeare’s garden, pictures says more than words, they say, so here it is:


Lake Michigan and Chicago contours


Northwestern campus area


Kellogg business school 


Wide roads and cycling paths


Northwestern University 


Dearborn Observatory






Deering library 


Searle center for advancing learning and teaching 


Yes, my outfit is a work of my dear Karaka design friends.

I was thrilled by everything I saw, just seeing the entrance in the Ryan Hall building, where I will spend my fellowship, fostered my internal motivation and curiosity!


Two Nobel prize winners in Chemistry! Sir John Pople (1998) and Sir Fraser Stoddart (2016) – this is dream place to be, to learn, to grow as professional, for every chemist!

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